Support Your Library!

Nucla Public Library enriches the lives of everyone in our community. Your tax dollars are just one way. If you like and value what we do, please don’t be shy! Tell your friends and neighbors about us.


We have an annual book/yard sale every year at which we can always use extra donations and help. We also try to hold other fundraisers during the year to benefit various library projects. Please contact Lori McKinney for information about volunteering your time with the library throughout the year.

Gifts & Donations


The Library uses your gifts of money to purchase books, magazine, and other library materials and equipment. Donations are tax-deductible.


The Library is pleased to accept donations of books and other materials, new or in good condition. Items not added to our collection may be placed in the annual book sale. Please contact the library for details about what types of materials are useful. Note: The Library does not evaluate or appraise gift materials for tax purposes.

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