Library History

The original birthday of the Nucla Town Library was January 8, 1934.  This was when the Tabeguache Study Club saw a need of a library for the community.  This was quite an undertaking, considering the fact that the Study Club was itself quite new.  They were organized in June of 1933, less than a year before taking on the library project.

Much of the initial “legwork” was done by Mrs. James Kyle, assisted by the library and finance committee, as well as by many individual study club members. First they scrounged donated books from throughout the community.  The first building was opened as a library with about 500 books, all carefully mended where needed, and catalogued.  The librarian was Flora Daniels, now Ray.  This first building later became a barber shop.

Next, the Study Club bought another building and lot from the Jim Christofferson estate.  It suffered from long disuse, and was badly in need of cleaning and repairs. Here is where the junior division of the Tabeguache Study Club swung into action. They did as much cleaning and repairing as possible.  Finally, the books were moved in and library business resumed. 

The Study Club didn’t “sit back on its laurels.”  They set out to raise funds to build a new building on the same site.  Thirteen years of fund-raising took place. They held dances, suppers, card parties, bake sales, etc. until they finally could buy the site and the building.  (This was one of the first houses built in Nucla.)

With much fine volunteer work under the direction of James Elmer, the old building was razed, the foundation was poured and the new building was erected.  Some volunteers who accomplished this were: James Kyle, Earl Chamberlain, Earl Garber and others.

The building was a light red lava block, and met very modern, fire-resistant standards.      Some of the organizations involved with helping were the Coal Miners Club, the Club of Friends, and the Nucla Rifle Club.  The latter deserved much credit for the addition of a lavatory, and a work room in the rear of the building.

The opening date for the new library was March 26, 1947.  For many years the Tabeguache Study Club worked hard at maintaining it.  But when membership in the Club gradually declined, the building and lot were deeded over to the Town of Nucla.  This was in June, 1965.

The library has since then, and continues to be a member of the Pathfinder Library system, and part of the Intra-State loan system.  Thus books which are not currently in our library may be requested, and within a few days or less, the book is located and received fore lending to the interested party.

Most of this history information came from an April 13, 1976 article by Mrs. Margaret Murphy who was then secretary of the Nucla Town Library. The Librarian was Mrs. Tom Barnes (“Bert”).  Her very dedicated work in the library includes children’s reading programs, plus the showing of some fine educational moving pictures for many young people.  Available are talking books, hobby and “how-to” books, as well as good standard reference books.  And of course many “best-sellers” are there also.


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